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ifilm series brought Mehdi Pakdel fame: Exclusive

Mehdi Pakdel has opened up about his first rise to fame in an ifilm interview.

Popular TV and cinema actor Mehdi Pakdel has opened up about his first rise to fame in an ifilm English TV interview.

Pakdel shot to fame with ifilm series ‘The First Night of Peace’ which, as put by him, changed his professional career.

“I became known. People saw me and they knew me as Alireza. My professional career started with that series. It was the start of my fame. ‘The First Night of Peace’ is very special to me.”

Pakdel then embarked on ‘We Few’ and ‘The Innocent Ones’ followed by so many telefilms.

Setayesh’ and then ‘Kimia’ are also among the TV series that made Pakdel known to viewers more than before.   

When asked about his most favorite scene in ‘Setayesh’, Pakdel pointed to the scene where he was told that his wife’s life would be at risk delivering their child; and there he begs the doctor to do whatever he can to keep her wife safe.

“In that scene, I was really overwhelmed because Mr. Saeed Motallebi had written beautiful dialogues. I was crying and I was asking the doctor to take the world away from me but for my wife to come out of that door alive. I don’t remember what it was or what had happened that I couldn’t stop crying,” said Pakdel.

He then added that, “I got really hurt [playing the scene] but after it was aired, I said thank to God, it had turned out really well and natural.”

To be continued…


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