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ifilm exclusive scene from 'A Cube of Sugar'

ifilm website has published exclusive scene from Iranian movie 'A Cube of Sugar'.

ifilm website has published memorable scene from acclaimed Iranian movie  'A Cube of Sugar'.

The scene exclusively cut for ifilmers features co-stars of the flick, Negar Javaherian and Saeed Poursamimi.

“A fatal sweetener” changes a wedding into quite another type of ceremony in Iranian director Reza Mirkarimi's film.

The fatal sweetener aka ‘A Cube of Sugar’ metaphorically refers to the life of Iranians in which happiness and sorrow co-exist. The fundamental element of such film that makes it so much Iranian is the director’s utmost attention to the concept of family in the Iranian lifestyle.

The sequence you see in this  ifilm pick shows a dialogue between the young lady (Javaherian) and the old man (Poursamimi) as the plot peak when the male character says, "Everything has been wrecked in this house," insinuating he is not feeling well just as his belongings.