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‘Dark Intelligence’ director turns actor

‘Dark Intelligence’ director takes his chance on the other side of the camera as an actor.

Dark Intelligence’ director Masoud Abparvar has also taken his chance on the other side of the camera as an actor.

Abpaarvar has appeared in Mohammad-Reza Varzi’s ‘Irandokht’ as an actor, wearing a makeup that makes him hard to recognize.  

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He said during an interview with local media that he experienced acting when he was a university student and waited this long, despite so many acting offerings, to take on a good role.

“I mostly prefer to work as a director but when the role was suggested to me by Mr. Varzi, I was encouraged to take it.”   

Operation 125’ director has also talked about his collaboration with Varzi and said, “Since I have also experienced filmmaking, I had a good interaction with the director and the rest of the team because I knew what was happening behind the camera.”

Reminding ‘Irandokht’ as a short but sweet memory that brought him so many more offerings afterwards, Abparvar told that, “I prefer to wait for better roles to come and, until then, keep my mind on directing.”

Varzi is a big name in Iran cinema for his mostly historical narratives such as ‘Era of Constitutional Revolution’, ‘Tabriz in Fog’, ‘The Mystery of the Shah’, ‘Abraham, Friend of Allah, ‘Godfather’and ‘The Alchemist’.