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Mehdi Pakdel casts mind back to ‘Muhammad’

Mehdi Pakdel reflects on ‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’ in an ifilm exclusive interview.

In an ifilm English exclusive interview, Mehdi Pakdel calls to mind fond memories of working with acclaimed Majid Majidi in ‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’.

Pakdel, who took on the role of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) uncle Abu-Talib, remembered Majidi's historical epic with pleasure saying, “Living in that atmosphere was very strange for me.”

“Working with Mr. Majidi was really satisfying. He is as good a director as his name suggests. The experience of working with him was an extraordinarily beautiful and auspicious one,” Pakdel added.   

ifilm series brought Mehdi Pakdel fame: Exclusive

ifilm's exclusive interview with Mehdi Pakdel

Pakdel further talked about the professional cast and crew behind the project, mentioning that working with the team was a great privilege for him.

‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’ is an epic about the birth of Islam following the early life of Prophet Muhammad (PBHU). It is the biggest-budgeted Iranian film to date.