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I look 15 years older in this role: Star of ifilm weekend movie

Iranian actor Kambiz Dirbaz talks about his role in ifilm movie for this weekend.

Popular Iranian actor Kambiz Dirbaz talks with media about his role in ifilm movie 'Ashes and Snow' picked for this weekend.

In a media interview, the actor of many ifilm series said of his role as the male lead in 'Ashes and Snow' that he had to gain a lot of weight to appear in the flick.

He also said "I had to play this role which was 15 years older than me and the weight gain was inevitable" to make the character more creditable for the audiences.

The actor also cited a similar acting experience he had, noting, “In the series ‘In the Eye of the Storm’, I played the role of a 70-year-old man, and in the film 'Ashes and Snow' the character was 15 years older than me.”

In response to how he feels about playing an older character, he said, “I look into new experiences in every work I choose to play in. I have no idea of me in 15 years from now, but I can play it with my imagination power.”

He concludes, “Perhaps, one of the reasons for gaining weight in the flick was that overweight happens when you get old and, in my opinion, it's not bad. Basically, it's so cute!"

About his make-up in the role he said that "I changed so much in a way that when I looked at myself I couldn’t recognize it was me."

The flick follows Ehsan, an Iranian war veteran, who returns to his homeland when he hears the news that the remains of his best friend’s body have been found after two decades. Ehsan makes it his mission to tell Davoud’s mother that her son’s body has been found, but is faced with many challenges along the way.