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Exclusive interview with ‘We Few’ actor Abdorreza Akbari

‘We Few’ actor Abdorreza Akbari has talked about the reasons successful projects attract cinemagoers and TV viewers.

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, ‘We Few’ actor Abdorreza Akbari has talked about the reasons that successful projects attract cinemagoers and TV viewers.

The first image that ifilm viewers create out of Abdorreza Akbari is the police officer in ‘Fear’s Reward’ and the firefighter in ‘Operation 125’ series. He is a well-known actor among TV viewers.

Abdorreza Akbari is a high ranking actor among viewers. He is one of those actors who has the ability to make roles believable.

Here is a selected part translation of the interview originally taken in Persian.

ifilm: You have played roles in many different TV series some of which were so successful that people are still eager to watch them. What is the reason behind this?

Abdorreza Akbari: I think it depends on different factors. Teamwork is one of the big reasons that guarantees the success of a project. I remember one of these successful series in which I experienced organized team working. All the cast and crew were familiar with their duties and everybody had concentrated on his job. They took more responsibilities and worked much more than what they had been asked for. In contrast, these days precipitancy is rampant. That much attention and precision that the cast and crew used to be careful about does not exist these days. That’s why the works (films, series) appear overnight and the viewers forget them very soon. The productions do not have the structural unity that they used to have because of the multiplicity of the channels. This should have been vice versa. The filmmakers should have made the best use of the multiplicity of the channels as an opportunity for competition to elevate their products but they sacrificed quality and coherence for speed.

ifilm: According to the statistics, the number of cinemagoers has been on the rise. This is in contrast with what you said above.

Abdorreza Akbari: A nice move has been started in cinema. Some films attract viewers well. People have the right to ask for good films and watch good films. Success at the box office chart shows that the films have attracted the viewers and the viewers have been able to make contact with them well. In my opinion, choosing up to date subjects by the directors, selecting up to date genres, being close to the life of the ordinary people and the well performance of the actors as well as the professionalism of the directors are among the factors that lead to attracting more cinemagoers. When a good film is made, it means good actors have been selected and they have been able to do the job well. As a result, good narrative is written and people welcome those films. For example, films about the holy war are always among the bestselling ones because they are realistic films. In fact, they depict the real life of people. The people who have experienced the days of war in the country.

To be continued

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