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This is my death wish: Actress to ifilm

Actress of 'The Patriarch' series says to ifilm about her death wish.

Farahnaz Manafi-Zaher, female actor of  'The Patriarch' series, reveals to ifilm how she wants to die.

The actress said in an exclusive report made by ifilm that she wants to die while doing performance on stage, adding, "I’m not retired, I’m talking about myself, I still can act and am interested in acting."

The actress noted, "I want to act until my last breath."    

The artist appeared in television series, such as ‘Aunt Sara’ (1992), ‘The Patriarch’ (1993-1995), ‘Imam Ali’ (1991-1996), ‘Gharib's World’ (2002-2007), ‘Day of Envy’ (2008), ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ (2003-2009), and ‘It's All There’ (2014).

She also said through ifilm camera that acting in 'The Patriarch' put her a bit on the heavy side as she ate a lot behind-the-scenes of this series.

She has also acted in a number of movies, including ‘The Bride’ (1990), ‘Day of the Angel’ (1993), ‘Spouse’ (1993), ‘The Target’ (1994), ‘A Gift From India’ (1994), ‘The Pastry Girl’ (2001), ‘The Wall’ (2007), ‘Face to Face’ (2008), ‘Awakening’ (2008), and ‘Foggy Glasses’ (2011).