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Exclusive interview with ‘We Few’ actor Abdorreza Akbari

‘We Few’ actor Abdorreza Akbari has talked about his high level of respect for the viewers.

In an exclusive interview with ifilm ‘We Few’ actor Abdorreza Akbari has talked about his high level of respect for the viewers.

The first image that ifilm viewers create out of Abdorreza Akbari is the police officer in ‘Fear’s Reward’ and the firefighter in ‘Operation 125’ series. He is a well-known actor among TV viewers.

Abdorreza Akbari is a high ranking actor among viewers. He is one of those actors who has the ability to make roles believable.

Here is a selected part translation of the interview originally taken in Persian.

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Exclusive interview with ‘We Few’ actor Abdorreza Akbari

ifilm: According to some news, you were supposed to test your chance in the world of directing. Could you please elaborate on that?

 Abdorreza Akbari: Chance has no meaning for me. I believe I have to do a job based on skill. About directing, I have to say that it is not certain but working in the realm of directing is part of my concerns. I prefer to enter the world of directing when the time is ripe and everything is ok.

ifilm: In recent years you are less active than before. What is the reason behind it?

Abdorreza Akbari: I was busy with a TV series. I did not have enough time to get involved in another project.  In recent years I preferred to be jobless because both the stories and the characterization were repetitious. In fact, the characters in the scripts were limited to the fathers and the mothers of a family and these roles did not have any new definitions. Some of the scripts are so weak that I may just want to accept them for the financial reasons but because of the respect that I have for the viewers I try not to play any role that is offered to me. In my opinion, it is a duty for all the people who are active in the world of art to be useful for both their society and their culture. If such situation was not prepared for an artist he must direct his activities to another realm. In this regard, there is no difference between cinema, TV, and theater. Everyone must do whatever he can to upgrade art.

ifilm: You played the role of special people in some works. Maybe the most special one was the role of Imam Khomeini that you played.

Abdorreza Akbari: I could not imagine that one day I play the role of Imam Khomeini and when it was offered to me I was shocked. I accepted this role with a lot of stress because I did not know how I was chosen for this role. After makeup test I appeared before camera. It was a difficult job to do. I had watched Imam Khomeini’s speeches but the actor who plays the contemporary role must practice it a lot because most people know the characters. Simulation level is very high for such roles.