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Iran’s short ‘Tattoo’ to go on screen in Australia

The Melbourne int’l filmfest in Australia is to feature Iran’s short ‘Tattoo’.

The 68th edition of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) in Australia has selected Iran’s ‘Tattoo’ for screening.

Directed by Farhad Delaram, the short film narrates the story of a young girl who has to extend her driving license; but she faces some problems because of her tattoos.

‘Tattoo’ has previously won the Crystal Bear at the 2019 Berline International Film Festival (Berlinale).

“In spite of the calm general mood of the film, a high-contrast color scheme manages to generate a tense atmosphere over time, and the admirable use of square framing heightens the feeling that the female lead is under great pressure. When everything becomes dark at the end of the film, it is clear that the protagonist has to make a significant decision,” the Berlinale official website wrote about the Iranian short film.

Running since 1952, the MIFF is one of the oldest film festivals of the world, alongside Cannes and Berlin. The fest is a cultural event which aims to bring the audience the story of the world through unforgettable experiences.

The 68th edition of the MIFF is slated for August 1-18, 2019.

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