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Vida Javan in an ifilm exclusive interview

ifilm TV channel has conducted an exclusive interview with Vida Javan.

In an industry that can often make or break you as a person, it is nice to see such a young actress like Vida Javan handle the highs and lows of the entertainment industry in such a positive way - while at the same time, still making time for herself and others.

Vida made a great debut into show business with ‘The Times’. However, it took her a year to make a name for herself with Hediyeh in ifilm popular comedy ‘Pejman’.

Yet, in ‘My Sky’ by Mohammad-Reza Ahanj, 32-year-old Vida turned it up to an Air Security Officer to prove that she is a talented actress, capable of bringing serious roles to life as well.

In this ifilm exclusive interview, we asked her about her very first acting job, as well as some of her most memorable roles. Here is what she had to say.

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ifilm: How did Vida Javan get her start in acting?

Vida Javan: I made my debut with ‘The Times’ by Hassan Fathi which was aired on Iran national TV in 2012. Down the same road, I made an appearance in ‘Pejman’ and ‘My Sky’ which had two different genres.

ifilm: Your 2016 TV production ‘The Moon and the Leopard’ was recently aired on ifilm English. It was well received by audiences across the world. You gave a gutsy performance in it. How were you picked for the role by Mr. Amini? What made you choose to be in the project?

Vida Javan: After I showed up in ‘Geranium’, I was offered so many comedy roles. Still and all, I moved away from TV and made myself busy with theatre performance because I was waiting for more dramatic roles to come so that I can add up to my acting ability.

The role of Katayoun in ‘The Moon and the Leopard’ had so many ups and downs of moral personality. Katayoun was a moderate girl who turns into an avenger. However, when she falls in love, she shows up a totally different face. This personality swing and different layers of character were what attracted me to the role.  

ifilm: How did people react to the role of Katayoun in ‘The Moon and the Leopard’?

Vida Javan: People gave away way too bizarre feedback so far as I had to deactivate my social media pages. They cursed and judged me for the role I played. When they saw me in public, they told me that I am very revengeful. I was also threatened to death. The public pressure was so intense that left an emotional impact on me and made me travel abroad.   

People living outside Iran also showed interesting feedback. I did not know ‘The Moon and the Leopard’ had viewers outside Iran. They told me that they did not know I might have a personality different from Katayoun.  

ifilm: What is your message to girls like Katayoun in society?

Vida Javan: All religions of the world have guided us towards forgiveness. It is said that forgiveness is better than revenge. I always believe that it is better if we can control the anger within us and let the life do its things – even if it is to be revenge.

I think time has a miraculous effect on our lives. Girls like Katayoun might not be able to forget the pain but forgiveness makes life easier. If revenge is to be taken, let the nature do it, not we as human beings because we might not be fully aware of the events happened and the reasons behind them. We might misjudge as did Katayoun and make the wrong decision.

ifilm: Now that you have had your hand in both serious dramatic as well as comedy roles, what do you hope for the future of your career and what do you think the future holds for your acting career?

Vida Javan: I need to tell you that I have recently played in a comedy series named ‘Under the Ground Level’ which is an IRIB production. Generally speaking, I love acting with my heart and soul; and if a role and screenplay is good enough, I would go for it. Actually, I do not mind if it is a comedy or drama series. I will take in the role in case the screenplay is a winning one.

ifilm English wishes Vida Javan all the best in what lies ahead and good luck.