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Commemoration ceremony of Ferdows Kaviani held

A ceremony was held commemorating Iran veteran actor.

A ceremony was held on Wednesday to commemorate Iran veteran actor Ferdows Kaviani with a number of Iranian filmmakers and artists in attendance.

Among the honorable guests were names like Masoud Jafari-Jozani, Mehraneh Mahin-Torabi, Alireza Khamseh and Fatemeh Motamed-Arya.

Iran Cinema House held the commemoration ceremony.  

Masoud Jafari-Jozani, director of ‘In the Eye of the Storm’, gave a speech in honor of Kaviani and pointed out that it is truly promising to see how a commemoration ceremony of an artist is warmly welcomed.

“Mr. Kaviani has made us come to peace with the inevitable ups and downs in life by sharing his experiences with us,” Jozani further added.

Iran comedian actor Khamseh has also paid a tribute to Kaviani, saying, “Ferdows has always been a great comedian to me. He both knew comedy and tragedy very well. It was a lot he could do in cinema but he did not because he wanted to be in theatre.”

Kaviani’s daughter received the plaque of honor on his father’s behalf and delivered a heartwarming message, “My father said he is very sorry if he could not attend the ceremony. My father taught me love. He loves people and has always been worried about them. He taught me true love and I hope to be able to be like him.”

Ferdows Kaviani is a seasoned actor known to Iranians with ‘Dousti Taxi Service’ and ‘The Spouses’ while the international audiences might remember him from ‘Haft-Seen’ and ‘The Orange Suit’.

Kaviani is currently suffering from Parkinson and could not make it into his commemoration ceremony and his daughter Armita Kaviani attended the event on his behalf.