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God always hugs me : 'Fall of an Angel' star

Star of ifilm series 'Fall of an Angel' reveals in a media interview that how she survived a severe car accident.

In a media interview with star of ifilm series 'Fall of an Angel', Khatereh Asadi discloses how she miraculously survived a severe car accident unscathed during the shooting of the series.

The actress said in the interview, “I have had some car crashes in which I just missed death,” referring to God’s protection in her life by saying that “God always hug me.”

As one of her shocking experiences in major accidents, she said, “On the set of 'Fall of an Angel', it was around 5 am and took my car with me driving on one of the highways in Tehran. I still don’t know what really happened, but I slammed on the brakes and later on my car was spinning and I found myself on the passenger’s seat. It was so terrible.”

She went on, “I cannot remember exactly what prayer I said, but the moment I said the prayer the car had a rollover and stopped,” adding, “If it didn’t stop at that time, I could have gone all the way down the highway with no control over the wheels."

The actress finally said, “Then I came away from the accident unscathed. When director of the series saw the severity of the accident, he later said to me, I was thinking of a replacement for your role at that time.’”