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Amin Hayaee remembers Khosro Shakibaee

Amin Hayaee talks about his days working with Khosro Shakibaee.

Iranian actor Amin Hayaee has shared some memories from his days costarring with the late Khosro Shakibaee.

“Khosro and I lived together. We spent a lot of time alongside each other due to the number of memorable films that we costarred in,” Hayaee said.

Working together in the films ‘Prank Call’, ‘The Ethereal’, and ‘Night’, gave the young actor an opportunity to work with one of Iran’s most popular actors in three phases of his acting career.

In ‘Prank Call’, Hayaee was given a rare opportunity as a young actor eager to polish his style and techniques in acting to learn from one of the best in the industry.

“Our first encounter was in the movie ’Prank Call’. While on set, Khosro Shakibaee would give me a lot of energy and support,” Hayaee said.

A few years later, Hayaee would stand as a young star next to one of Iran’s most experienced actors in Mohammad Ali Sajjadi’s ‘The Ethereal’.

The two lived together for over two months while working on the film.

Hayaee who looked up to Shakibaee as an older brother prior to the trip said, “The days ended up differently. His personality was so youthful and pleasant that I really enjoyed our time together. At times, we would share memories, discuss various matters, talk about philosophy and speak about God. He had a great heart.”

Hayaee who described every second he spent with Shakibaee as “memorable”, starred in his final role with the late actor in the movie ‘Night’, this time accompanying him as a friend and  acquaintance.

Joinining the two was the late veteran actor Ezzatollah Entezami, whom Hayaee described as our “senior”, adding, “The man was so cordial that we would sit and talk to him for hours at a time, and some nights we would even stay up until daylight.”

An award-winning actor, Amin Hayaee has appeared in numerous ifilm hits including ‘The Pahlavi Hat’, ‘Made in Iran’, ‘Shams-ol-Emareh’, and ‘Mom’s Guests’.

The late veteran actor of Iranian cinema, Khosro Shakibaee, has been a household name in Iran. Shakibaee’s works have been featured on ifilm, including his award-winning performance in ‘Kimia’, ‘Sheikh Baha’ee’, ‘Bluff’, and ‘Strange Sisters’.

The actor passed away on July 18, 2008.