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Listen to Shakibaee's spoken-word piece

As a tribute to Iran acting legend Khosro Shakibaee on his death anniversary, here is ifilm exclusive catch on his spoken-word.

This time around marks the death anniversary of Iran acting legend Khosro Shakibaee and here is ifilm exclusive catch on one of his best spoken-word pieces.

For many ifilmers, it might be interesting to know that star of ifilm movies and series such as 'Strange Sisters' and Sheikh Baha'ee is a spoken-word artist besides being extraordinary talent in acting.

Shakibaee performed in numerous movies, including ‘Dadshah’ (1983), ‘Thunderbolt’ (1984), ‘Relationship’ (1986), ‘Wage’ (1988), ‘Passing through Dust’ (1989), ‘The Devil’ (1990), ‘The Lady’ (1991), ‘Sara’ (1992), ‘Bluff’ (1993), ‘Pari’ (1994), ‘Strange Sisters’ (1995), ‘Land of the Sun’ (1996), ‘Psycho’ (1997),  ‘The Lost Cousin’ (1999), ‘A Girl Named Tondar’ (2000), ‘Crank Call’ (2001), ‘Breakfast for Two’ (2003),  ‘Season Salad’ (2004; which he also wrote), ‘Pink Wedding’ (2004), ‘Verdict’ (2004), ‘Who Killed Amir’ (2005), ‘The Proposal for 50 Million’ (2005), ‘Empty Hands’ (2006), ‘The Night Bus’ (2006), ‘Dinosaur’ (2007), ‘Heartbroken’ (2008) and ‘Eastern’ (1988).

Among the series in which he acted are ‘Tehran 53’ (1988), ‘Once Upon a Time’ (1989), ‘The Epic of Sacrifice’ (1993), ‘Smell of Wild Flowers’ (1995), ‘The Green House’ (1996),  ‘The Green Land’ (1997), ‘Cactus’ (1998), ‘Loaded Gun’ (1999-2000) and ‘Beside Each Other’ (2002).

The spoken word is a word-based performance art in which the creator of a story, poem, monologue, or slam poetry narrates it.

The actor passed away on July 18, 2008.