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Locarno to screen documentary by Iranian filmmaker

The Locarno Film Festival is to screen ‘Copper Notes of a Dream’ by Iranian filmmaker.

The Locarno Film Festival has scheduled to screen ‘Copper Notes of a Dream’ by Iranian filmmaker.

Iranian director Reza Farahmand’s documentary will be screened in the 30th edition of the Semaine de la critique (Critic’s Week), an independent section organized by the Swiss Association of Film Journalists in cooperation with the Locarno Film Festival.

Produced by Morteza Shabani, the documentary tells the story of Mallouk, a ten year old boy who collects the copper wire along with his friends.

They gather the wire from homes which were demolished during war and sell the collection in order to make a living.

Their passion for the pursuit of a childhood dream, however, lightens the warmth of hope in their hearts, enabling them to find happiness among the ruins.

The Semaine de la critique will also screen ‘Shalom Allah’ by David Vogel from Switzerland, ‘The Euphoria of Being’ by Réka Szabó from Hungary, ‘Adolescents’ by Sébastien Lifshitz from France, ‘Another Reality’ by Noel Dernesch and Olli Waldhauer, ‘Murghab’ by Martin Saxer, Marlen Elders and Daler Kaziev, as well as ‘Lovemobil’ by Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss, all from Germany.

The Swiss event is focusing on innovative films on the periphery of the mainstream – both formally and content wise.

The Semaine de la critique is slated for August 9-16 in the Swiss city of Locarno.

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