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ifilm weeked flick features passion of love as melodrama; why Barani?

This weekend's ifilm pick 'Barani' features one of the most well-established works of director Davoudi as a melodrama.

This weekend's ifilm pick 'Barani' features the passion of love in a melodrama with exciting or sad events, a rave review says.

Standing as one of the most well-established works of director Davoudi, the melodrama is a turning point in the film credits of the director with the name 'Barani' (rainy in Persian) bearing similarities to famous international movie title 'Rain Man' by Barry Levinson.

The director himself called his work a love story, adding the flick aims to emphasize how much love is worthy compared with other things in life.

The award-winning Iranian film was acclaimed well at Fajr Film Festival in Iran, winning several noms and grabbing the Best Actor award for Faramarz Qaribian's performance as the male lead.

The flick follows the story of Doctor Barani who has dedicated his professional career to finding a cure for cancer. But in the process, he has made a wreck of his life. He has to deal with a wife who feels does not know him, children who think he does not understand them, and rivals in the medical profession who are out to destroy him.

Suddenly a woman from his past appears in his life again and it sets off a chain of events that may lead Barani to find the miraculous cure; on the other side it may cause him to lose his family.

According to the review, the film supports the advantages of traditional medicine over the mainstream western medicine in curing cancer. However, a love story in between turns the flow of events likening it as the nearest to a melodrama.

'Barani' is a good movie, a health melodrama boasting a beautiful and vibrant story without the movie slipping into the void of vulgarity and extreme sentimentality. The flick drags the audience till the end with interesting twists and turns in story.

The production is one of the passionate romantic films that its void had been greatly felt for many years in Iranian cinema.

Before ‘Barani’, all the director’s films were categorized in the comedy genre and that is why this title stands out as a different film in his artistic resume.

In the photo attached to this story, you can see the leads in ‘Barani’ and  'Rain Man' by Levinson. Do you think the make-up artist did the job well in the Iranian version?