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Don’t tell lies to children: Actress to ifilm

ifilm talks with Fariba Naderi, actress of ‘The Forgotten' series, where she shares details about her role.

In an exclusive interview with Fariba Naderi, actress of ifilm series ‘The Forgotten’ talked about her role in the TV production.

The actress played a rather negative role in the series and her acting was warmly welcome by the audience which shows she has great acting repertoire.

Below is a translation of the selected parts from the exclusive interview:

ifilm: Ms. Naderi, In ‘The Forgotten’ series, you played a very much different role. Please share with us how far the role is from real you. How are you getting along with the child labor issue?

Well, in the initial stages of the series I featured a negative female role as the one who was very much sensitive and a paranoid. However, towards the end of the series a new face comes in. It was really difficult to work for the series as the shooting was done in the summer. The shooting location was in the suburbs of Tehran and since I was an expectant mother at that time the hot weather along with working in the project with children disturbed me.

As for supporting working children, I have been working towards this cause for quite some time as such I was not that much unfamiliar with the character I played in the series.

ifilm: With regard to your character in the series ‘The Forgotten’ and that you have a daughter yourself, what do you think as the better way to nurture our children in the present society?

From my standpoint, everyone should teach a child based on their own feelings and rationale. Well, if I really want to suggest a general approach to those who like me and my acting, I should say don’t tell lies to your children and talk with them.

ifilm: To what extent, can series such as ‘The Forgotten’ leave an impression on the younger generation, including the adolescents and the youth?

I guess, training the younger generation is so crucial in society; however working with children is quite difficult and this makes our screenwriters as well as directors somewhat stay away from the topics related to children.

I assure you that working with children is way harder and if I’m supposed to get tired ten times a day, working with those from this age bracket makes me look hundred times more tired. Yet, all-in-all, focusing on this issue is part of what our media needs.

ifilm: What was your choice scene from the series?

I go for the sequence where my partner, Taher, throws me in the car trunk to take me somewhere. This irritated me a lot and because of being pregnant, I couldn’t even look at this sequence! That is why the crew recorded my part separately.

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