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‘Cradle of Silence’ heads to NY

Iranian short film ‘Cradle of Silence’ to vie in NY film festival.

New York’s Montauk Film Festival to host Iranian short film ‘Cradle of Silence’ for its 2019 event.

Written and directed by Mostafa Mehraban, the film which is on a spree of international film festival appearances will be competing with five other short fiction films.

A brief description of the film reads, “Rasoul has to deliver a cradle to his martyr friend’s widow. With Rasoul returning from the southern warzone to the northern part of the country, his wife Laya plans on going back to the warzone with him. The cradle becomes an excuse for Rasoul to reject his wife’s request.”

The cast of the 13-minute film is made up of Akram Radnia, Anahita Khosravi, Hadiqeh Samipour, Kazem Nazari, and Maryam Dadashi.

Located in Theodore Roosevelt Park in Montauk, New York, the Montauk Film Festival seeks to highlight films that raise awareness about the environment through drama, comedy, and documentary films.

The festival, which hosts daytime indoor as well as nighttime outdoor screenings, will be hosting films in four categories of Environmental, Social/Cultural Documentaries, U.S. Dramatic, as well as Surf and Skate.

The event will be held July 25-28, 2019.