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Gloria Hardy to appear in ‘Soldier’

Gloria Hardy has joined new series project ‘Soldier’.

Gloria Hardy has joined new series project ‘Soldier’.

Directed by Hadi Moghadamdoust, the series is to enjoy Hardy before the camera.

Gloria Hardi was born to an Iranian mother and a French father. Although she studies music at university, she had an interest in acting too.

After marrying the Iranian actor, Saed Sohili, she moves to Iran and takes an acting course with Azita Hajiyan, the actress playing the role of Kimia’s mother in ‘Kimia’.

‘Soldier’ was planned to talk about earthquake, but following the deadly flood in various cities of Iran, the crew decided to change the subject.

Pedram Sharifi, Siavash Kheirabi, Elika Abdolrazzaghi, Jamal Ejlali and Esmaeel Mehrabi also star in this series.

The list goes on with Arash Majidi, Roya Teymourian, Kourosh Tahami and Afsaneh Kamali.

‘Solider’ narrates the story of a married conscript and his conscripted friends.