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No self-sacrifice to achieve goals: Masoumeh Aqajani to ifilm

Masoumeh Aqajani has spoken openly to ifilm camera.

Masoumeh Aqajani, star of ‘The Times’ and ‘Under the Blade’, has spoken her mind into ifilm camera.

Mostly known with her rigid face that barely wears a smile, Aqajani has lent her voice to many movie characters during her 45-year career.

The 60-year-old actress, who has always portrayed strong female characters, first defines art as, “knowledge that is put to work through one’s capability.”

The veteran stage actress holds the idea that one needs to give away all the desires and ambitions in order to feel at peace with oneself.

When one gives all the inner speech away, all the desires, they come to know that it wasn’t all that necessary.”

She further adds, “I don’t mean a person needs no purpose or efforts to make. Rather, we need not to sacrifice ourselves to achieve our goals.”

ifilm English wishes Mrs. Aqajani all the best and health.


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