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‘Coma’ director portrays Satan again

Sirous Moqaddam creates new supernatural series.

Award-winning director Sirous Moqaddam has created a new supernatural series themed around Satan’s presence in people’s lives.

‘Sleepy’, produced by Elham Ghafouri, is currently in post-production and is set to premiere on Iranian national television upon completion.

Written by renowned screenwriter Saeed Nematollah, the duo’s latest production narrates the story of a woman (Ladan Mostofi) whose well-intentioned activities are met with various obstacles thrown her way by the devil (Parivash Nazarieh), making for a set of interesting stories.

Moqaddam who has created television series in just about every genre, will add another series to his list of supernatural productions which includes ifilm hits ‘Coma’ and ‘Day of Envy’ which also had themes relating to Satan and the afterlife.

Hamed Komeili who starred in ‘Coma’ as Satan who appeared as a rational person, will play various roles in ‘Sleepy’ including a young man with a modern look and a religious man living in a village.

Also starring in ‘Sleepy’ are Alireza Shojanouri, Mehdi Soltani, Reyhaneh Parsa, Sam Derakhshani, Sima Babaei, Farid Hosseini, Amir-Ali Danaei, and Iraj Nozari.

Although Sirous Moqaddam and writer Saeed Nematollah have created many series together including ‘Michael’, ‘Under the Vestibule’, and ‘The Wall’, this is the duo’s first collaboration for a supernatural production.

The filmmakers have already decided to create a second and third season for the highly anticipated series, with shooting set to begin sometime in the fall season.