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Iran-Georgia joint prod to go Int’l

‘Dubland’ to be screened across the world.

A joint cinematic production between Iran and Georgia will hit international screens following its premiere in Iran.

‘Dubland’ directed by Ebrahim Ebrahimian and produced by Mohammad Reza Mesbah is the duo’s second film following their original movie ‘Pilot’.

“Considering the film’s vibe along with the authentic shots and the unique story of the film, I think we are witnessing a turning point in director Ebrahim Ebrahimian’s career,” said the producer.

On the reason behind the delays in the film’s screening, Mesbah cited the film’s technical stage as causing the hold up on the film’s screening.

Although the film is ready for international distribution, the producer stressed that they want the film to be premiered in Iran prior to being screened in international screens, and are currently awaiting a screening permit in Iran.

Mehdi Kooshki is the film’s sole Iranian actor with the remaining of the cast being actors from the Georgian film industry.

Written by Sara Soltani, the film is shot in the Georgian language, but no details were released on the details of the plot.