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‘In the Eye of the Storm’ effects designer lived youth in Ghazali: Exclusive

‘In the Eye of the Storm’ special effects designer talks exclusively to ifilm about difficulties of his job.

In the Eye of the Storm’ special effects designer Abbas Shoghi talks exclusively to ifilm about the difficulties of his job.

Walking down the set streets, Shoghi explains what a laborious task it was to plan a scene where it rained on the set, saying, "It became one of the most memorable scenes of the project."

He details the difficulties of shooting in a freezing cold weather and how they had to manage the set and the fake rain from freezing. As he says, it was an excruciating task that entailed a number of people pouring boiling water on the camera dolly tracks. There were also another group of assistants who had to walk on the hoses for the same purpose of preventing them from freezing.

Besides working on this project, Shoghi has designed special effects for nearly 70 other cinematic works most of which have been shot at Ghazali Cinema Town. It makes most of his youth to have been spent there. One of his other works aired by ifilm English channel includes ‘The Pahlavi Hat’.

‘In the Eye of the Storm’ is currently on air. To get more information about the show and its cast click here.


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