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Walkthrough of Iran 'Sacred Defense Cinema': Exclusive

Iran 'Sacred Defense Cinema' has been exclusively reviewed by ifilm English.

In this ifilm exclusive report, Iran 'Sacred Defense Cinema' has been the subject of close scrutiny.

War cinema in Iran was born with the beginning of Iran-Iraq 1980-1988 war. Since then, over 200 vigorous and dynamic cinematic outputs concentrating primarily on fighting and military operations have appeared.  

Many renowned directors have been engaged in developing Iranian war cinema. However, among them Ebrahim Hatamikia was more devoted to the subject with movies considered to be the best that tackles the war and the issues surrounding it. His works have often received admiration in national film festivals.

Hatamikia, who was a friend of famous martyr photographer of Iran-Iraq war Morteza Avini, began his directing career with the film ‘The Identity’ in 1986 and some short films and documentaries about the Iran–Iraq War.  

The video gives you a snapshot of the history of Iran ‘Sacred Defense Cinema’.


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