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Rahmati sings his way to ‘In the Eye of the Storm’: ifilm exclusive

Akbar Rahmati tells ifilm exclusively why he was cast to play in Jozani’s ‘In the Eye of the Storm’.

Akbar Rahmati tells ifilm exclusively why he was cast to play in Jafari-Jozani’s ‘In the Eye of the Storm’.

Actor of ‘The Pahlavi Hat’ has a knack for singing as he told ifilm. This special talent of him paved his way to playing a role in ifilm historical drama. Rahmati explained his character on the show as a barber who recites poems while shaving people’s beard.

ifilm fans have also seen his acting talent in one of the channel’s most popular series of all time ‘Father’ where he was a shoulder to cry on for Hamed when he was desperately in love with Leila and did not dare to even think about it.

The star-studded ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ has recently hit the air on ifilm. To learn more about the show and its cast click here.


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