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Actress gives motherly advice on life boundaries: Exclusive

Sorayya Qasemi gives her ifilm fans motherly advice on home-work life boundary setting.

In an exclusive talk, Sorayya Qasemi has given her ifilm fans some motherly advice on the necessity of home-work life boundary setting.

As someone who has never allowed her work life to spill over into her personal life, Qasemi brings to the fore the importance of deliberate boundary setting in order to increase our efficiency on the job we are doing and reduce stress in our personal life.

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Father’s House’ star - and many more - points to the fact that failure to set clear boundaries between work and personal life might seem innocuous at first, but over time it can lead to potentially disastrous results.

Further on the talk, the veteran actress with a permanent motherly gentle smile on her face explains how she has been committed to her job as an actress and devoted her mind to it while keeping personal life personal, concluding that if she is awarded for a film, it is not for ‘a’ film; rather, it is for all the efforts she has made during her life-long career.