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‘Gharib’s World’ dir creates new series

Director of ifilm series ‘Gharib’s World’ embarks on a new project.

Gharib’s World’ director Kianoush Ayyari begins work on a brand new television series.

’87 Meters’ is currently undergoing filming in Tehran, with the film’s entire main cast having gone in front of the camera.

With the bulk of the shooting taking place in a house near Tehran’s historic bazaar, the cast and crew will be moving on to a nearby hospital within the next few days in order to film the remaining scenes.

The plot to Ayyari’s new series is about a dispute between two families over property rights for a home. After purchasing a house, a man along with his wife and three kids find out that the house has been sold to somebody else, on the day they are supposed to move in.

The cast of ’87 Meters’ is made up of Ali Dehkordi (‘Hereafter’), Mehran Rajabi (‘3x4’), Fariba Kamran, Shaheen Taslimi, Diba Zahedi, Hossein Soleimani, Sepah Mansour, Mohammad Bahrani, Saeed Pirdoust, Sonia Sanjari, Salimeh Rangzan, Melika Nasiri, Reza Masoudi, Ghazal Shojaei, Elaheh Khademi, and Erfan Asefi among others.

In addition to ‘Gharib’s World’, award-winning director Kianoush Ayyari also directed the critically acclaimed film ‘To Be or Not To Be’ which won two awards at the Cairo Film Festival in Egypt.