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Majid Mozaffari talks ‘Tanker Wars’

Iranian actor Majid Mozaffari talks about his role in ‘Tanker Wars’.

A Beautiful Revolution’ actor Majid Mozaffari has opened up about his role in the award-winning film ‘Tanker Wars’.

One of Mozaffari’s most memorable performances, ‘Tanker Wars’ was an early 90s epic portraying the heroic resistance of an oil tanker crew in the midst of conflict in the Persian Gulf region.

Written and directed by Mohammad Bozorgnia, the award-winning film tells the story of a captain and his crew seeking to deliver an oil-tanker to the Netherlands in a risky operation at a time when Iranian oil-tankers were being targeted by hostile forces in the Persian Gulf.

On why he accepted the role, the award-winning actor said, “I accepted the role for many reasons. One being the great screenplay; another was the competent filmmakers that were involved in the production; also, the film was being made at a time when the Persian Gulf was a target for many countries who sought to take out the main artery of Iran’s economy; and finally, it was a matter of national pride which made it of particular importance to me.”

“I had a rough idea on what working on a ship was like, so when I was given the screenplay, I knew it was exactly what I wanted. With the help of the director and the crew members, I did some research on the character I was playing, which helped us finish the film in a one year span,” he added.

Describing his first experience with the tanker, the veteran actor explained, “I recall getting on the tugboat for the first time in order to reach the tanker and how big we thought it was. Upon reaching the tanker, the tugboat seemed like a match box in comparison. The tanker was approximately the size of three football fields, and I was shocked, wondering how I was going to play the role of the captain of this ship. Besides the ship, everything else was massive in its own way including the sky and the sea, adding to the magnitude of my peripheral surroundings.”

An award-winning actor, Majid Mozaffari has appeared in numerous ifilm hits including ‘The Billionaire’, ‘Tabriz in Fog’, ‘A Beautiful Revolution’, ‘The Green Journey’, ‘The Days of Life’, ‘Neighbors’, and ‘The Good, the Bad, the Corny’.