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‘Prophet Moses’ filming set for winter

Filming for ‘Prophet Moses’ series to launch this winter.

Filming for the ‘Prophet Moses’ series is set to launch this winter.

According to producer Ahmad Miralaei, the film is currently in pre-production and while the screenplay has been completed, it is currently undergoing a revision process, with shooting scheduled for sometime this winter.

On the film’s characters, Miralaei said, “We still haven’t decided if we are going to bring in famous actors or unfamiliar ones. We are still evaluating our options as the effectiveness of the characters and their ability to play the role is of utmost importance.”

Based on the Islamic narrative in the Quran, the main objective of the screenplay, according to the producer, is to “unite monotheistic religions.”

“The story of Prophet Moses will begin prior to his birth and following the death of Prophet Joseph,” Miralaei said, further adding, “our goal is to produce this project using the highest artistic standards, as the quality and the variety of the stories and its twists and turns are very unique.”

“The number of miracles in the series is so abundant that every second of the story of Moses will be pleasant and attractive to the viewer,” the producer concluded.

Having been frequently mentioned in the Quran, Bible, and the Torah, the story of Prophet Moses (PBUH) has been universally recognized as one of historical as well as religious significance.

In fact, the narrative of Moses has appeared more times in the Quran than any other Prophet.

Directed by Jamal Shourjeh, the series is set to be the second largest historical project for Iranian television.

Previous reports indicated that the 52-part series is anticipated to take about four years to complete.