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‘Dirty Job’ stars talk to ifilm

Iranian stars have talked to ifilm about their recent project ‘Dirty Job’.

Iranian stars have talked about their recent project ‘Dirty Job’ in an exclusive interview with ifilm.

Pedram Sharifi, one of the leading stars of Narges Abyar’s blockbuster ‘Night of the Full Moon’, said that the main character of the movie has something in common with all of the Iranian youths.

He added: “It’s always been important to me what a movie touches on. I didn’t choose many of the movies because I didn’t like what they were talking about.”

Elham Nami, the female star of ‘Dirty Job’, also told ifilm that the crisis of the film’s characters is common among the young generation.

Nami said that the film is the tale of a woman who is caught in a situation and has to go on a trip along with her husband.

The film was premiered at the 36th edition of the Fajr Film Festival in Iran.

Themed around issues of work and immigration, ‘Dirty Job’ was the last film in which the late actor Levon Haftvan starred.

Set in Turkey and Iran, Masoumi's film follows the story of Farhad who decides to travel to Turkey for immigration purposes.

Faced with certain obstacles, not only is he no longer able to immigrate, but his return to Iran is also in jeopardy.