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Iranian animation ‘Amin & Akvan’ depicts Persian wedding

Iranian animation ‘Amin & Akvan’ by Zohal Razavi depicts Persian wedding.

Iranian animation ‘Amin & Akvan’ written and directed by Zohal Razavi has depicted some traditions of a Persian style wedding.

The video is an extract from the 76-minute animation about Amin and Akvan, two friends who have recently travelled to a remote city.

Amin is a hairstylist and Akvan is a coloring expert. They separately develop their businesses with the help from the ruler of the city.

But Akvan’s jealousy towards Amin leads him to sabotage and revenge.

During his scheme, the ruler is hurt and Amin is punished. But soon the ruler finds out that Amin has been innocent and Akvan is in charge of the conspiracy.

So the ruler sentences Akvan to imprisonment and Amin starts his a new job and a new life with his newlywed wife.

‘Amin & Akvan’ has previously gone on sale at the 2018 Cannes Film Market in France and was honored by jury members of the 2018 JUNIORFEST Film Festival in the Czech Republic.

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