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Serbian film festival honors Iran’s doc ‘Meeting’

Iran’s doc ‘Meeting’ is honored at the 28th Festival of TV Ethnological Films in Serbia.

Iran’s documentary ‘Meeting (Pishasho)’ has been honored at the 28th Festival of TV Ethnological Films (FESTEF) in Serbia’s Kucevo.

Reza Majlesi's 30-minute documentary received a special recognition at the Serbian festival “for a lavish cinematography and a sublime tittuping with the expectations of the spectators in representing the daily routine of a hardy and diligent old lady from the Iranian countryside,” the event’s website wrote.

According a synopsis for the film, the documentary depicts the difficult everyday life of a rural old woman, full of hard work, and the traditions of her village on the threshold of the holy month of Ramadan.

The documentary received the Grand Prize at the Apricot Tree Ujan International Film Festival in Armenia last year.

The FESTEF is reportedly aimed to preserve cultural tradition and identity of Serbian people, national minorities and ethnic groups from Serbia, as well as learning about and interaction with the cultures and traditions of other nations.

The 28th Festival of TV Ethnological Films was held in the town of Kucevo on July 15-19, 2019.