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'Entertainer' permit issued for Iran theater release

New offering of 'Istanbul Junction' director has been granted screening permit.

New offering of 'Istanbul Junction' director Mostafa Kiaee has been granted permit for theatrical release in Iranian cinemas.

His new title ‘Entertainer’ will appear on the domestic silver screen soon, a media report said, adding Kiaee has both produced and written the flick.

Kiaee's 7th cinematic work narrates the story of Iranian musicians who perform music as well as being an entertainer on stage.

The director's brother, Mohsen Kiaee stars in the flick along with a line of stars such as Parviz Parastouee and Elnaz Shakerdoust.

His previous cinematic work, ‘Istanbul Junction' was acclaimed at the 36th edition of Fajr Film Festival in Iran.