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“I dreamt of ‘The Men of Angelos’”

Reza Tavakkoli talks about his role in ‘The Men of Angelos’.

Iranian actor Reza Tavakkoli has spoken to ifilm about his role in the hit series ‘The Men of Angelos’, directed by the late Farajollah Salahshour.

According to Reza Tavakkoli, prior to his interview and knowing the role he would be assigned to, he had a dream of the character he would eventually star as.

Tavakkoli who starred as Antonius the Shepherd in ‘The Men of Angelos’, has appeared in nearly two dozen ifilm series and movies, and in a variety of roles.

Notable among his appearances are ‘Saint Mary’, ‘The Envoy’, ‘Kimia’, ‘The Green Journey’, ‘Five Kilometers from Heaven’, ‘Brother’, ‘Freedom’, ‘The Fifth Sun’, ‘Family Restaurant’, ‘The Final Game’, ‘Four Wheels’, ‘It Was an Angel’, and ‘Worlds Apart’.