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Who is efficient director to Ershadi?: ifilm Exclusive

Homayoun Ershadi associates directing with psychology: ifilm Exclusive.

In an ifilm Exclusive report, ‘Until Being with Srayya’ star Homayoun Ershadi associates directing with psychology.

Ershadi, who has recently played a minor role in the award-winning flick ‘Hattrick’ directed by Ramtin Lavafi, believes that a good director not only knows filmmaking, but also knows good grasp of psychology. This way s/he knows when to get angry and when to go soft on his crew, so s/he will be in control of all affairs on the set.

Based on his experience working with Lavafi, ‘Queen’ star admits that as a director Lavafi knows what he wants and so it is easy for all the casting and crew of the project to work with him.

Ershadi finds ‘Hattrick’ a movie that can be Iranian cinema’s representative overseas.

ifilm exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘Hattrick’