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Get to know Iranian child stars who rose to fame

In an exclusive report, ifilm introduces to you some Iranian stars who have been in the arena of acting since childhood.

In an exclusive report, ifilm introduces to you some Iranian stars who have been in the arena of acting since childhood.

It most often happens that a child star is cast to play a role in a TV or cinema production. Regardless, only a few of them stick with the profession and grow up to become actors. In this report, you will get to know the ones who not only stayed in the business, but also gained national and international recognition.

Leila Hatami

Leila Hatami played her first role as a boy in her late father Ali Hatami’s ‘Kamal-ol Molk’. She was believed to owe the chance to go in front of cameras to her famous father. She has proven everybody wrong by playing in various award-winning cinematic works since then. The characters that she has brought to life are so well performed that made her the recipient of several national and international awards.

Arsalan Qasemi

The green-eyed kid of Iranian cinema who these days is your guest house with the series ‘In the Eye of the storm’ started his career at the age of seven.

Among many roles that he has played to date, the one in ‘Prophet Joseph’ is also worthy of mention.

Mehraveh Sharifinia

Mehraveh Sharifinia took her debut role in ‘Doll Thief’ in which her mother Azita Hajian had the starring part.

ifilm viewers have seen her in a number of works such as 'Imam Ali (AS)', ‘Goodbye Child’, ‘Day of Envy’ and ‘The Chef’. But, her most popular and memorable role has been Kimia in the series of the same name ‘Kimia’.

Baran Kosari

She was only six, when she first appeared in front of the cameras. Kosari has since been in a huge number of works which have made her worthy of several nominations at various prestigious film events.

Pegah Ahangarani

Her name goes on our list as she too took her first part in a movie when she was only six. The flick that gave her first acting chance was ‘Doll Thief’. She got her nation-wide recognition with ‘The Girl in the Sneakers’ directed by Rasoul Sadr-Ameli.

Amir-Farrokh Hashemian

Although, he did not peruse his career in show business, he finds his way to our list as his brilliance as a child star in Majid Majidi’s ‘The Children of Heaven’ cannot be overlooked. Majidi’s film was the first Iranian flick to be shortlisted as the 5 final foreign language movies to compete for an Oscar.

Hossein Soleymani

He was picked from among three thousand kids who auditioned for a role in ‘A Mother’s Love’.

Hossein Soleymani has performed parts in ifilm series ‘Mr. and Ms. Sangi’, ‘Pejman’ and ‘Five Kilometes from Heaven’.

Mehran Zeyghami

‘The Final Game’ star had his first acting experience in Reza Attaran and Behrouz Baghaei’s ‘The Eternal Train’, but it was his part in ‘Under the City Sky’ that brought him popularity.

Tarlan Parvaneh

Perhaps, she is the youngest child star that has ever featured in Iranian TV. She first appeared in a TV commercial and then playing in series such as ‘Hereafter’ and ‘The Gift of Darkness’ made her a serious actress.