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Italian Imaginaria to screen 3 Iranian animations

The 17th Imaginaria Int’l Animated Film Festival in Italy is to screen 3 Iranian short animations.

The 17th edition of the Imaginaria International Animated Film Festival in Italy has scheduled to screen three Iranian short animations.

The lineup of Iranian titles includes ‘Sink’ by Mahboubeh Kalaee, ‘Jebeer’ by Reyhaneh Mirhashemi, and ‘Mr. Indifferent’ by Aryasb Feyz.

Notable among the titles is ‘Sink’ which tells a symbolic story of love and death. A man and a woman in the form of coffee residue come out of two cups in the sink. In the process of mixing with the dish water inside the sink, they go down the drain.

It has previously taken part at the 42nd Elche International Independent Film Festival in Spain and the 10th Vafi & Rafi International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival in Croatia.

In ‘Jebeer’, a wildlife ranger is patrolling a protective area while his soul is intertwined with nature and all the creatures he is protecting. He runs freely and lives with the animals, surrounded by beauty. But, as fate would have it, he is confronted with some poachers.

‘Mr. Indifferent’ shows a busy man who is always in a rush. He is reluctant to help others until one day he encounters an old woman at a crossroad.

Characterized by the importance of “numbers” and the excellent quality of thousands of works of international standing, the Imaginaria is a project to promote, disseminate, and film training. It aims to promote the independent authors of animated films.

The 17th edition of Imaginaria is slated for August 19–24, 2019 in the Italian town of Conversano.