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Iran short film ‘Flying Fishes’ to vie in US

Iranian short film ‘Flying Fishes’ is to compete at US Autumn Shorts Filmfest.

Directed by Mohammad Towrivarian, ‘Flying Fishes’ has been selected to vie at the 2019 Autumn Shorts Film Festival in the US.

The short is about a teacher who is new to a village. He notices that the only girl in his class does not talk and has cigarette burn on her skin.

The short has previously won the Best Film award at the VKRATZE International Film Festival in Russia.

Various films from countries such as Spain, Russia, Ukraine, England, China, etc. will go on screen at the Autumn festival.

Autumn Film Festival welcomes independent filmmakers and showcases their works. The fest is open to all genres of films which are limited to 15 minutes.

The films will be screened on September 12-14, 2019 in the US state of Kentucky.