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Hayaee and Tarokh become costars

Amin Tarokh and Amin Hayaee become costars in new series.

Iranian acting veterans Amin Tarokh and Amin Hayaee will be joining the cast of ‘Father’ director Behrang Tofiqi’s brand new series ‘Junior’.

Written and produced by Hamed Anqa, Tofiqi and Anqa have turned into one of Iran’s most prominent filmmaking duos as they begin their fourth production together.

The two are best known for their series ‘A Beautiful Revolution’, ‘Father’ and ‘At the Crossroads’ with the first two having been aired on ifilm.

Joining Tarokh and Hayaee will be fellow acting greats Jamshid Hashempour and Mehdi Soltani.

Although, no details have been released on the film’s plot, sources have indicated that the series will feature a suspense story with the main character being a man named Hamed who is a paralegal by trade.

Additionally, Amin Tarokh and Mehdi Soltani will be starring as two fathers in the series, with Jamshid Hashempour playing the role of a powerful man behind the scenes of all of the events, giving his audience a flashback of his memorable performances in similar roles.

Previously, award-winning actor Amin Hayaee starred in Behrang Tofiqi’s hit series ‘Amen’, playing the role of a police officer.