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Babak Hamidiyan joins ‘Day of Uprising’

ifilm actor Babak Hamidiyan joins new film project ‘Day of Uprising'.

ifilm actor Babak Hamidiyan has been cast to appear in new film project ‘Day of Uprising’ by Behrouz Shoeibi to make the first actor to join the team.

‘Day of Uprising’ will make the second collaboration between Hamidiyan and Shoeibi after ‘Cyanide’.

Produced by Owj Arts and Media Organization, the film shoot will kick off in days to come.

The screenplay is also penned by Mehran Kashani based upon a draft by Behrouz Shoeibi.

“Emad is a well-known university professor and a TV personality. He is faced with new charges by police that put him and his family in a complicated situation,” come as a plot summery to the film.

‘Day of Uprising’ makes the fourth directorial experience of Shoeibi after ‘The Corridor’, ‘Cyanide’ and ‘Axing’.

Babak Hamdiyan is a popular face to ifilmers. He has appeared in a couple of top-notch movies/ series aired by the channel such as ‘Cyanide’, ‘Bodyguard’, 'Chamran’, ‘Passing through the Hardships’,  ‘The Fox’and ‘Bewilderment’.