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What is cinema to ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ director?

‘In the Eye of the Storm’ director defines cinema to ifilm camera.

In an exclusive ifilm interview, ‘In the Eye of the Storm director Masoud Jafari-Jozani has provided some insights into the definition of cinema.

To Jozani as a thoughtful craftsman who collaborates to bring an undeniable style to filmmaking, cinema is an industry rather than a form of art.

He says, “Cinema is rather an industry. Production is an industry. Production is a joint thing.”

On part of his talk with ifilm, Jozani refers to the fact that when talking about a project, everything that occurs offscreen to facilitate the production has to be taken into account.

“I do not agree very much with the idea that a film belongs to its director. A director is the sea captain. It is not fair to say a film belongs to, for example, Jozani while a big number of people have helped a film to be made.”

Talking in a modest manner, Jozani has also said that, “I cannot claim to be an artist. I also do not accept to call ourselves artist. People are the one to recognize someone as an artist over the course of time.”

In the Eye of the Storm’ goes on ifilm screen every night at 19:00 GMT. To watch the series online, click here.


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