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Did Mohsen kill Hamed in 'Father'?

There is evidence in ifilm series 'Father' that shows Mohsen killed Hamed.

Most ‘Father’ fans could not come into terms with the death of the protagonist of the story, so there are a number of speculations regarding Hamed still being alive.

Here at ifilm, we have found evidence in the series that might lead us to accept the star’s death; but a pre-planned death by someone close to him.  

In episode 15, Hamed found some controversies in his father’s factory’s documents which made him suspicious of Mohsen having something to do with his fatal accident.

In this scene, Mohsen convinces Hamed not to tell Haj Ali about the mismatches in balance sheets of the factory and he then burns up all the sheets. He might not have done that if he was not sure there is no come back for Hamed of the trip he was about to take.

Therefore, we put forward this idea that perhaps Mohsen tampered with Hamed’s car to make sure his secrets will die with his death.

It was also seen on the rest of the show that Mohsen was in cahoots with Towfiq who did a series of illegal acts such as baby-milk smuggling.

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