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Teach kids values for a better future: Actress to ifilm

In an ifilm exclusive report, Mitra Hajjar talks about the main concerns of ‘Chubby and Me’.

In an ifilm exclusive report, Mitra Hajjar says our concern must be to teach social values to kids for a better future.

The star of ifilm series ‘Freedom’, who has recently acted a role in Hossein Ghenaat’s flick for children ‘Chubby and Me’, believes that if valuable concepts are taught to kids, they will become better people in the future. It will also benefit the people and the society they live in.

This teaching and learning seems to be a two way process to ‘Ashes and Snow’ star as she also says that adults can learn from their kids. She details her understanding as saying the kids are so observant of the tiny points that the adults normally oversee as they are used to them.

‘Chubby and Me’ enjoys a psychological story which shows how early childhood damages to a kid can have great impact on them as adults.

The film narrates the story of a 40-year-old man who is still alone after all these years due to the disrupted childhood. His life starts to look up when a little kid who can be perceived as his own inner child steps into his life. He then tries to welcome the kid and find peace with his past.