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Iranian adults watch films for kids: Exclusive

Yousef Teymouri says adults are the main audiences of movies for children.

Yousef Teymouri tells ifilm in an exclusive talk how adults are the main audiences of movies for children.

Rooster’ star states that adult Iranians are great fans of children’s flicks. He reasons his claims as saying that Iranians have great spirits that make them feel like watching films and TV programs for kids.

Actor in ifilm action series ‘Amen’ extends his talk on the subject of program and says that he as an actor needs to further his knowledge about this age group and try to understand them first.  

Teymouri believes that the gap exists between generations needs to be studied in order to find a way to be filled. The solution he puts forward is to make some flicks that are a mixture of what kids like nowadays and what the used-to-be kids liked back then.

Teymouri has recently been among the cast members of Hossein Ghena’at’s movie for kids ‘Chubby and Me’. He notes that while being entertaining, the film has lots of lessons to teach.

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