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‘Snorkel’ actor explains why he accepted role

Kaveh Sammak-Bashi explains what made him accept the role in 'Snorkel'.

Kaveh Sammak-Bashi, star of ifilm English weekend feature ‘Snorkel’, has explained what made him accept the role of a martyr.

Sammak-Bashi, who experienced his first portrayal of a real-life martyr, said to ifilm camera that he was first picked for another role but when he read through the screenplay, he was attracted to the role of Younes.

‘I had strong motivation to play role in ‘Snorkel’. Younes was the most appealing character to me from the very beginning. A character who is a real-life martyr; and he was also the hero of the story.”

He further adds, “The role I played had lots of ups and downs. It had a high capacity for an actor. So I picked the role.”

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The director, Ali Soleymani-Saransari, also joins the talk and comments on the role of Younes, saying, “There is a definition of acting which reads “the play is a not-play.” It means you must play in a way that doesn’t show you are playing. Kaveh has subconsciously had this feature.”

Sammak-Bashi plays the role of Younes who is the commander of the battalion. Younes has to surrender himself in order to save his comrades’ lives. Now, after almost 30 years, some information has surfaced that shows Younes might be alive.

ifilm English has set to air ‘Snorkel’ Saturday night at 22:00 GMT. To know more about it, click here.