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ifilm star weeps for Imam Hussein (AS): Exclusive

Zohreh Safavi talks of her role in 'The Fateful Day'.

The Fateful Day’ star Zohreh Safavi tells ifilm exclusively about how her religious family background prompted her to accept the role in the flick.

The veteran Iranian actress says she was contacted by Sirous Moqaddam who offered her a role in the flick directed by Shahram Asadi. She was briefed that she would be playing a Bedouin on the day of Ashoura.

It brings a lump to ‘We Few’ star’s throat to narrate how the Bedouin deserted Imam Hussein (AS) and regretted what they did when Imam was martyred.

She accepts the part and gets so emotional on the set that throws soil on her head so much; as a result, she would come down with sore eyes for 3 to 4 days.

Zohreh Safavi has been in a number of works aired by ifilm such as ‘The Days of Life’, ‘The Redemption’ and ‘The Men of Angelos’.