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Hollywood Dreams nominates Iranian short ‘Box Man’

The 4th Hollywood Dreams Int’l Film Festival in the US nominates Iranian short ‘Box Man’.

The 4th edition of the Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival (HDIFF) in the US has nominated Iranian short ‘Box Man’ in two categories.

Written and directed by Manouchehr Teymourzadeh, ‘Box Man’ is nominated for best foreign film and best supporting actor (Behzad Khalaj) awards at its third international experience at the HDIFF.

The film has taken part at the 9th London Lift-Off Film Festival in the UK, and was nominated in three categories at the Action on Film MegaFest Festival in the US.

‘Box Man’ narrates the story of a middle-aged reporter who is making a film about a teenager who lives inside a box and refuses to come out despite his mother’s pleas.

Meanwhile, the reporter gets closer to the world of the teenager and becomes enraptured by his life inside a box.

The HDIFF is dedicated to the movement, the language and the power of Film, Video and the Written Word.

The HDIFF celebrates Drama, Documentary, Experimental, Comedy, Animation, Horror and Family films.