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Mahnaz Afshar goes on ‘Oath’ poster

Iranian actress Mahnaz Afshar goes on new poster for ‘Oath’.

Iranian actress Mahnaz Afshar has appeared on the new poster for ‘Oath’ which has gained limited theatrical release in Iran.

Directed by Mohsen Tanabandeh, the film made its screening debut at the 37th Fajr Film Festival in Iran.

Produced by Elham Ghafouri and Jalil Shabani, a synopsis for the film reads “I swear on Niaz’s soul, if you seek vengeance, I will take the child and divorce you. I swore on the life of our only daughter that I will.”

‘Oath’ narrates the story of a woman who organizes a busload of relatives to testify against her sister’s presumed murderer.

Recently The Hollywood Reporter published a review on the movie and hailed Tanabandeh’s latest film, describing it as the title that “has enough drama and vivid characters to find festival favor”.

The article makes a distinction between Tanabandeh’s comedy ‘Guinness’ and his drama ‘Oath’, noting “One could argue that ‘Oath’ is hardly less surreal than the men who have to ride turkeys in ‘Guinness’. But here the stakes are much higher, particularly for the stalwart heroine Razieh (Afshar), and there is little in the way of comic relief”.

Tanabandeh is better known for his award-winning role in the film ‘Rona, Azim’s Mother’, a co-production of Iran and Afghanistan.