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‘Abraham’ was God's greatest gift to me: Actor

Hessam Navvab-Safavi talks to ifilm about his role in ‘Abraham, Friend of Allah’.

Hessam Navvab-Safavi has talked to ifilm about the most defining role of his career.

Playing the role of Ishmael (AS) in ‘Abraham, Friend of Allah’, Navvab-Safavi says the role had a huge influence on his personal life, “I had an uncanny feeling. Even when the role was suggested to me by Mr. Varzi, I told him that I am not in the position to take on the role. But when I consulted the holy book of Quran, I came upon the Surah Maryam [verse 2] where it talked about Hazrat Ishmael (AS). There, I knew I have been given the permission to take the role.”  

'Tabriz in Fog' star then adds that, “‘Abraham, Friend of Allah’ was very well welcomed by people and it was the greatest gift God has ever given me.”

He was also asked to talk about the most difficult scene in the movie. As he says, “The most difficult scene was when Prophet Abraham (PBUH) bound his son Ishmael, and placed him on the altar and reached out and took the slaughter knife to slit his son’s throat.”   

“I did my best to feel kinship with Ishmael. When I watched the movie on the big screen, I knew that I did my part with my heart and soul. And I feel like I did not only play the role but I also lived with it.”

Abraham, Friend of Allah’ takes a close look at the extraordinary life of the great prophet, Abraham (PBUH). It portrays the trials and tribulations he had to face while delivering his divine message of monotheism to his people.