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Two actors reportedly in the running to play Salman in new biopic

Who is to portray Salman in new biopic series ‘Salman the Persian’?

While prominent Iran filmmaker Davoud Mir-Baqeri’s new biopic series ‘Salman the Persian’ is getting off the ground, speculations have started about who should play Salman.

The two frontrunners have been revealed with 'SuperstarShahab Hosseini seemed suited to turn out a respectable rendition of Salman.

That being said, the other name on the shortlist is to be Mostafa Zamani who previously inhabited the role of Joseph in Farajollah Salahshour’s ‘Prophet Joseph’.

The producer of the project, Ahmad Mir-Alaee, has settled it with media saying, “Good news for Mostafa Zamani fans is that he is one of the main options considered for the role.”    

“We are very much hopeful about Mostafa Zamani to appear in the series but everything overall is up to his time frame as well as how the series goes on,” adds Mir-Alaee.

‘Salman the Persian’ will depict the life of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) companion “Salman the Persian”. He was the first Persian who converted to Islam.

The biopic is currently going through the final stages of screenwriting.